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When it comes to replacing a roof the size is going to have a large impact on how much money it is going to set you back. Sometimes this can be quite an expensive job so it is natural to want to hire someone who will do a good job, work of high quality that you know is worth the money and will last. We hear too many stories of people hiring bad roofing contractors who run off with the money leaving a job not done properly, only half done or even leaving it in a condition that is worse than it was before! You do not want your roofing job to become one of those horror stories. So here are some tips on selection the best roofing contractor.


Finding The Best Roofing Contractor

Ask for proof of insurance, license and bonding

You should not let a contractor set foot anywhere near your roof if they are not bonded so that you have protection against property theft, if they are not properly licensed to carry out work where you live, and if they are not insured in case of injury or damage to your property. No matter the low quotes or how experienced they seem, these three things should not be negotiable.

Get a warranty from your contractor

While the manufacturer’s warranty will insure the roofing materials the actual work itself should be insured by a warranty from the contractor. When people have roofs done poorly and there was no warranty provided by the contractor who did the work it can be a hard battle to get compensation for that shoddy work. Do not hire a roofing contractor who does not offer a warranty on his work.

Ask for references

Even if a roof looks good initially if anything is not up to scratch it will eventually show up with leaks, buckling and so on. One of the best ways to see if your contractor does good work is to talk to previous customers, not just recent ones either. Find out how the roof is standing up to time and the weather. If there were problems with the work were their extenuating circumstances? What about other things like work ethic, the attitude of people who worked for him and so on.

Check he has a physical business location

Contractors who have an actual business you can go visit or call are less risky than those who do not. You can also check sites like BBB or eHomeDirectory roofing contractors list for reliable contractors. A lack of a physical business address while not always, does sometimes indicate a lack of stability in his customer base and some contractors who work like that are less professional in how they approach the quality of work they do, as there is little need to maintain a good reputation.


More Experience is better

You want a contractor who has some experience at least and one who preferably can meet your particular roofing needs. There are several types of roofing materials you might opt for and some roofing contractors are not experienced in all of them. Technology in roofing has evolved too and continues to do so. You want a contractor who not only understands how to work with your roofing material but how to apply and maintain it using the latest techniques and technology.

Get a contract drawn

When you find a contractor that you like, who offers all of the above and has given you a quote you are happy with you need to have all of the work agreed, money agreed and dates to start and complete written down and signed by the both of you. Make sure you have a copy of it as well as your contractor.


These are all vital steps in hiring a roofing contractor you can feel confident will do the work you want how you want it. Make sure you follow these steps and if you are looking for contractors in your area you can always contact your state’s Construction Industry Licensing Board to ask for a list of contractors who can work in your area to get you started.

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