Arizona Roofing Contractors


Roofing contractors in Arizona are for the most part reputable and trustworthy but there are a few who are less skilled and just want your money. This is something the members of the ARCA (Arizona Roofing Contractors Association) are trying to put an end to. They have several strategies in place to deal with this problem. While it is true they may not solve it absolutely, they can at least liarizona-roofingmit these cheating contractors while offering people access to contractors who can be trusted. They also have some advice on how to choose a roofing contractor so that you get the best option for you.


Finding The Best Arizona Roofing Contractors

1) Hire contractors who are licensed only

When you are discussing roof repairs with a roofer get his license number or I.D from his business card, letterhead or proposal. Roofers with a license are happy to demonstrate this fact. If he is exempt or does not have one this makes it a risky hire. C-42 is for residential work, L-42 is for commercial and K-42 is for both. Anything else shown is not an Arizona roofing license.

2) Verify the license

Contact the Arizona Registrar of Contractors on the number (602) 542-1525 to verify the license. You want a contractor that does not have a lot of lodged complaints against him, though a few is normal and should not put you off. His license should be current and he should be correctly classified in the right field.

3) Check they have insurance

Do not let anyone on your roof to do any kind of work if they do not have the right insurance. They need worker’s compensation as well as liability so that you are safe and covered should an accident or injury occur while they were working on your project.

4) Research your contractor

You can contact the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors to get more details about the contractor. There are good contractors out there that may not have high profiles but are still worth hiring. This is a way to check on your contractor’s track record.

good roof

5) Prioritize

Make sure you prioritize what it is you want to be done with your contractor and get a clearly set out pricing guide for it all. Try to cover things like unforeseen costs or liabilities beforehand. Have a paper contract that both have a copy of when a deal is agreed upon.

6) Make sure you understand the contract

Often contracts with roofing contractors cover their terms and conditions so if there is anything you are not clear about be sure to clarify it before you sign. If there are technical terms or terminology that you are understanding contact the ARCA to get them clarified for you.

7) Do not just let the price and warranty guide you

Most business that are reputable will offer warranties on their work and have reasonably priced services. However this is not the only way to select a contractor. Sometimes to be able to afford to offer a lower and more attractive price unsavory contractors may take short cuts with the work, or spend less time on things so in the long run you are not getting any benefits from going cheaper.

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