What Shed Roof Style is Best for You?


There are several important things to consider when building yourself a shed, making sure you have the right foundation, and deciding on the best materials and also choosing a shed roof style that suits the purpose of the shed. The latter is important because not only will the right shed roof style make your shed stronger it will also have a great impact on how the shed looks. Here we look at the importance of the exterior design of your shed and styles of roofing you might want to consider.

Often when it comes to a shed people do not think too much about exterior design, at least not as much as they do with the main house. After all it is just a shed, something that you are likely building for practical purposes. But everything around your home makes an impact and a statement, the garden and the shed in your garden! The shed roof style can have quite a big impact on the look of your whole property and affect how you feel when you see it. These details can also have quite an effect on the value of your home if selling is something you would consider.


There are a variety of shed roof styles that could be used but your main factor on which style you go with should be what kind of style you have on your house. This does not mean you have to go with the same style, it is fine to have variations but there should be an attempt made to ensure both styles complement each other and the property. You also need to think about the kind of weather conditions the shed is going to have to handle. You want something that can stand up to what you get where you live. You also want a roof that falls within your budget requirements.

Common Shed Roof Styles

Here is five of the most common shed roof styles used today.

Shed roof types

  1. Lean-to Roofing – This is the simplest option and is commonly used on smaller sheds and for those on a very limited budget. It has a single slope so suits a building where space is an issue as it does not give you extra roof space. The slope can handle rain and snow which falls easily off.
  2. Gambrel Roofing – This is a popular style on barns as it gives attic space that can be used for further storage. If you need that additional space this may suit your shed needs too. This style has two slopes that meet creating a sharp angle where they meet at the peak. It is strong so is good for places that get strong winds and storms. However this is one of the more costly options for your shed.
  3. Gable Roofing – This is the most often used style of roofing for sheds. It has a triangular shape, is practical and fairly simple to construct. It can be used in a variety of climates though is not at its best in high winds where it can get a lot of damage. You also get that extra space in the attic area to use as storage like the Gambrel roof but this one is more affordable.
  4. Hip Roofing – This is harder to build than a Gable roof as it is made up of four slopes and therefore needs more complex trusses. This style though is stronger than the Gable so can handle windy conditions with less chance at damage. It is more expensive though and you do not get the extra attic space with this style. People who use this style tend to live in elevated area where winds are a factor.
  5. Salt-Box Roofing – This roof is similar to the Gable roof but one side is not as long as the other so it looks asymmetrical. It suits people who have less building space for the shed but still want some attic space. It is also a good one for windy conditions.

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